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What We Do

Continue growing your audience, even when your organic downloads decline


Got over 500k downloads on your app but have no idea how to further grow that audience? We'll analyse all your previous data and help you find the most profitable segments of your audience. We'll use this data to find more users like your top performing ones to further increase your revenues and installs.


Our main focus is to expand your app and we use our own budget to do so. We solely work on a profit-share basis which means that we only earn money when you do! Our team will design appealing ads to attract more users that yield high results.


Understanding data can be time consuming and hard if you've never done it before. During our research in step 1 we find segments that already work for you and aim to further increase those segments, in our monetization process we focus on segments that might not be profitable but have the potential to become very profitable segments.


Our goal is not to have 1000's of clients, we'd much rather work with a few talented developers to fully understand their needs and dedicate 100% of our time and efforts to them. When you work with us you don't become 'just a number', you become a partner who we will assist and guide so we can all grow, together.

Our Clients

Super Happy Games

Super Happy Games

Let's Talk Business.


Shoot us an email with a link to your game, the total downloads you have, and some info on which tracking platforms you use (Firebase, Facebook Analytics, etc), and what your plans are with your game/app.